School supplies for kids from low-income families

The Idea

Imagine you have just entered third grade, and it’s your first day of school. Bright eyed and excited, you take up a desk in the classroom, and listen intently as the teacher gives out the first task. Ready to get started, you open up your hand-me-down backpack, only to find you don’t have the basic supplies needed to carry out the task.

A child who finds themselves in such a situation will naturally be embarrased, even disheartened, their studies may suffer, and they may even face bullying all because their family cannot afford adequate school supplies.

Our Services

Knowledge is a power, diametrically opposed to wealth, which provides protection, and does not need it. Children that have the tools they need early on, to get a good education, will be more motivated to learn and in a better position to bring their families and communities out of darkness.

Your Support

Through your donations, we provide kids with a backpack full of basic school supplies, to enable for them equal opportunity and access to learning like their better-off classmates.

How did you hear about WhyIslam?

    How did you hear about WhyIslam?