Free healthcare for the vulnerable and uninsured

We’ve Made Significant Strides; Help Us Reach the Finish Line!

Thanks to your contributions last year, we were able to make significant strides towards our goals. This Ramadan, help us support the operational cost of the Mobile Clinic, and be a part of something spectacular! Where do we stand currently?

  • Alhamdulillah, we’ve acquired the truck, which serves as an exam room for patients and is fully equipped to provide the general checkups and basic care so many desperately need.
  • We’ve brought aboard and hired a highly-qualified employee to oversee the operation of the clinic.
  • We’re navigating and clearing many legal regulations to make sure we are working not only with excellence in care, but also transparently and in regulatory compliance

The Idea

ICNA’s mobile health clinic started with a sad realization: The Bay Area community has a sizable, largely forgotten, segment of society that cannot afford healthcare. This causes them to go through cycles of preventable hardship and suffering; not only does this affect their health and quality of living, but also their families, dependents, and work places. And the damage doesn’t stop there: This in turn causes greater stress on the local health care infrastructure as they have to deal with a greater influx of emergency cases, which are again preventable.

To understand how best to address this ‘snowball effect’ problem in a God pleasing way, time was spent to study and understand the needs of the affected community, the current solutions in the market (most of which were for-profit), and the charitable models vividly present in the prophetic tradition. Over the course of this evaluation and reflection process, the consequent solution become increasingly obvious: Invest early in this vulnerable segment of society.

Our Services

Launching in 2017, the Mobile Health Clinic will compliment ICNA’s ‘Mercy On Wheels’ program by making scheduled rounds in the Bay Area with the best doctors from our community, providing:

  • Primary health care
  • Physical examination
  • Diabetes/blood pressure screening
  • Lab work

As funding and volunteer staff grows, we can increase our services to provide:

  • Seasonal vaccinations and immunizations
  • Dental health care
  • Behavioral health care
  • Specialties (Pediatric, STD, OB/GYN, Cancer, etc)
  • Starting a mobile clinic fleet

Your Support

Making sure this great initiative takes off will need much more than market research and great planning. We urgently need your support for:

  • Maintenance/Operational costs
  • Insurance (malpractice, coverage for volunteers, vehicle)
  • Medical records hardware/software
  • Inspection and certification
  • Lab reports
How did you hear about WhyIslam?

    How did you hear about WhyIslam?