Shade For The Homeless – Protect Them From The Heat

The Idea

“On the day when all other shade will be gone, Allah will shade and shelter those who give charity and care for the poor”​​

Summer is here and that means scorching hot temperatures will relentlessly advance throughout the bay. By the grace of Allah, we are able to find ourselves under shelter and in the presence of an AC unit to help cool us down, while many others are able to drive to the beach to enjoy the breezy weather and the cold pacific waters.

Unfortunately, our disadvantaged populations are not able to hide from the heat. With no way to protect themselves, they are greatly affected by the heat and the many health risks that befall them. As an Ummah, it’s our duty to protect and give to those who cannot for themselves.

The Name

A companion of the Prophet narrated that the prophet would say ”​On the Day of Judgement, the sun will be drawn near the servants until it has come a mile or two (away).” ​The Prophet(PBUH) also said, “The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his/her charity.”It’s time for us as an Ummah to do what we can to protect the vulnerable disadvantaged population through our charitable acts so that on the day of judgment, our actions will contribute to the shade we receive.

Our Mission

We want to pack and distribute the following items that we have deemed essential to battling the summer heat:

  1. Hat
  2. Reusable Water Bottle
  3. Sun Block(sun screen)
  4. A pair of socks
  5. A Small Towel
  6. Hand Sanitizer
  7. Gloves

How did you hear about WhyIslam?

    How did you hear about WhyIslam?