About the Program

Now, more than ever it is essential to uplift our female youth. We live in an age where young Muslim women face immense pressure from many facets of society: whether it be Islamophobia, the unrealistic and objectified portrayal of women in the media, or even just the constant need to defend one’s faith and practice of modesty.

Many young girls report feeling conflicted about the constant need to fit in to a society that is either putting down their beliefs on one spectrum or urging them to accept those that directly clash with the basic foundations of Islam on the other.

Nabra, Yusor, Razan: these are the names of young American Muslim women who have tragically lost their lives to bigotry and hate, but we can rise up stronger, and be even more unapologetically Muslim than ever before, despite these devastating realities.

Together, we can help support a generation of confident, spiritually well-rounded young Muslim women who can navigate the turbulent currents of life, engage in humanitarian efforts, and become pillars of strength for both the Muslim community and society at large.

Join us for an empowering lunch and lecture program on September 23rd with Ustadha Safiya Ravat and Ustadha Maryam Amir!

Who is this for?

Whether you’re a middle school or high school student, a busy working professional, or mother, this is the event for you. Brothers are welcome to attend too.

What will be accomplished during this program?

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and disconnected, gain a surging sense of connection to your deen, and the beauty of how it supports, uplifts, and grants rights to women…

If you are facing confusion, doubts, and difficulties in regards to your faith, find solace in this program, surrounded by fellow Muslimahs seeking strength and knowledge…

If you are a sister and have questions that you may be struggling with, this will be the safe space for you to finally ask them and get much needed answers…

Program Fee