What is 877-Why-Islam Hotline?

ICNA’s 877-Why-Islam project is a leader in pioneering contemporary strategies to better convey the true understanding of Islam as well as clarify many of the misconceptions about it.

From Billboards to interviews to Radio campaigns, Islam Ads on Buses in different metropolitan cities and NY Subway, ICNA through 877-Why-Islam has introduced Islam and reached out to millions of people. Everyone deserves to know what Islam is all about.

I Deserve to Know!

  • When people feel they deserve to know the truth about Islam, they simply call the 877-Why-Islam number, or visit WhyIslam.org.
  • The phone call is forwarded to our 877-Why-Islam representatives who are eager to answer any questions callers may have.
  • If the caller requests literature (ie. a copy of the Qur’an or reading material on Islamic beliefs and issues), it is mailed to the them, for free.
  • If someone is interested in visiting a local mosque and interact with muslims, 877-Why-Islam helps facilitate a meeting with the local muslim community.

Your Support

Your support (Donate | Volunteer) is critical for continuing and increasing our efforts to build a tolerant, diverse and understanding community.