Come share a meal with the local muslim community, as we cover the basics of our faith

The Idea

One of the core driving concentrations of ICNA’s energies is the spread and dissemination of authentic Islamic knowledge through grassroots means. This has been manifest through a few initiatives:

By the grace of God, this has lead to many heart to heart conversations, the clarification of a lot of misconceptions and biases, a deeper sense of oneness in our communities, and the inception of many journeys into Islam.

But this is not enough:

  • Hate crimes are on an all-time high
  • Bigotry and xenophobia are become wide spread and normalized
  • The separation and mistrust between the dominate cultures and the ‘others’ is increasing, instead of there being a sense of appreciation and welcoming embrace

‘Lunch with a Muslim’ was started at the end of 2016 to address these very concerns, with the aim of bringing much needed ease and clarity in this stiffling climate of manufactured fear and ignorance.

The Event

After picking a local venue (such as a park or a community center), invitations are sent out to all surrounding neighbors, and not too long after everyone breaks bread together over a curated discussion on Islam and muslims. Covering all the major aspects of the faith, this is followed up with a Q&A, so the neighbors have a chance to gain clarity on issues of concern or interest to them.

What The People Said

  • “It was so wonderful to meet you and all the beautiful people of Muslim community.” – George.
  • “The presentation and luncheon was a wonderful experience. Thank you and all of your sisters and brothers for taking the time, and opening up your hearts to a group of strangers – my husband and I left feeling so grateful.” – Patty.
  • “You did a fabulous job. Very organized, very clear, very patient.” – Joe.
  • “I found the lunch meeting very informative, and it was good to meet all of you. Know that you are supported in our community, and we enjoyed sharing time” – Nancy and Tony.
  • “I very much enjoyed learning more about Islam and meeting the good people who taught us. And the hospitality and food were wonderful! I’m going to look for more opportunities to meet my Muslim neighbors. I’m learning that we Christians have much in common with Islam.” – Steve.

Your Support

Magnanimity is the only appropriate response to efforts that seek to build roots and loving bonds in our communities, and bring about a state of mutual ease and closeness in all of our hearts. Your charity will go towards the cost for the venue, the food, and any equipment needed.

Would you like us to visit your community? Let us know, we would love to drop by!

Your support (Donate | Volunteer) is critical for continuing and increasing our efforts to build a tolerant, diverse and understanding community.