WhyIslam uses some of the most unconventional, innovative, and creative approaches of spreading the truth about Islam. It’s the dawah (invitation to Islam) of modern day society.

Outreach Booths is one of our popular projects. Given the prevalent misinformation, misunderstanding and stereotypes coupled with our duty to spread truth about Islam and our community, this project provides an ideal platform for people of other faiths to connect with muslims, in person. For many, this turns out to be their first ever with a muslim in which they learn about Islam and get clarity on misunderstandings and stereotypes.

With a pool of well trained volunteers, we setup our booths at the following venues on a bi-weekly basis:

  • Shopping malls
  • Libraries
  • County Fairs and Festivals
  • Flea Markets and Farmers Markets
  • And more

We have attractive pamphlets that inform readers about everything related to “What does Islam say about Terrorism”, “Status of Women in Islam”, “Human Rights in Islam”, “Who is Jesus?” and more. We also have FREE translations (English and Spanish) of Qur’an which we gladly provide to anyone who asks for it.

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