WhyIslam Billboard Ad Campaign, started back in 2008 in the South and East Bay. Our toll-free number, 1-877-Why-Islam and the website WhyIslam.org have been live and active ever since.

Among the objectives of WhyIslam Billboard Ad Campaign is to instill a sense of curiosity through strategically located billboards thereby encouraging people to search for unbiased information on Islam and to promote understanding and dialogue between people of different faiths.

The need for this outreach now is greater than ever before to help build a future without hate, prejudice, discrimination or bigotry.

Recent Billboard Campaigns

Campaign Name Results
Seerah Campaign 1: Who is Muhammad?
$13.4K for 4 Billboard running for 4 weeks
40% increase in calls received to 1-877-Why-Islam hotline​
Seerah Campaign 2: Muhammad always taught “Love not hate”, “Peace not violence”
$11K for 4 Billboards running for 4 weeks.
35% increase in calls received to 1-877-Why-Islam hotline

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