Overview and Purpose

“Open Mosque Day” is a unique event that provides the welcoming atmosphere needed to portray Islam in its true essence as a religion that teaches respect, compassion, and coexistence. Attendees receive a moving, first-hand experience of the true beauty of the faith, while breaking away from misinformation and misconceptions.

A National Initiative

This successful initiative has been held in communities across the nation in conjunction with ICNA’s First National Open Mosque Day Campaign, and with the expertise and guidance of our partners at GainPeace and WhyIslam.

We are eager to build lasting friendships from this initiative and further conversation with our fellow Americans.

Commemorating Recent Event

Alhamdulillah, on August 19 and 26 2017, ICNA SF Bay Area held ‘Open Mosque Day’ events at three local masajids: the Muslim Community Association, Masjid Al Huda, and Evergreen Islamic Center.

Each event included an interactive tour of the Mosque, an intriguing informational session, and free lunch!

At these ‘Open Mosque Day’ gatherings, guests were able to ask questions about Islam, dispel misconceptions, and learn about the impact that Muslims truly make in America.

Join the “Open Mosque Day” Movement

Is your mosque interested in hosting an “Open Mosque Day” event in collaboration with ICNA? Are you a member of another faith community who would like to hold a “Open Mosque Day” informational session at your community center? Contact us at whyislam@icnabayarea.org or (408) 313-8792 to schedule one today!

To volunteer for events like Open Mosque Day and other initiatives, please fill out the form at the following link: https://www.icnabayarea.org/volunteer/

Finally, donations for this project and similar causes are being accepted by our local ICNA SF Bay Area chapter and can be submitted easily online at: https://www.icnabayarea.org/donate/

It is our hope that Open Mosque Day encourages meaningful dialogue, dispels misconceptions, and fosters lasting friendships with our fellow Americans.