Assalamu alaikum we rahmatullah

On October 5th, the ICNA San Francisco Bay Area WhyIslam Dawah and Outreach team held a successful Open House program at Evergreen Islamic Center on Ruby Avenue.

The brightly lit musalla (prayer room) of Evergreen Islamic Center bustled with attendees from all walks of life, of different faiths, ethnicities, and ages. The audience was invited to listen to an intriguing program about the foundations of Islam and dispel any misconceptions through a thorough Q & A session. Guests joined in friendly conversation with Muslims over lunch after the main event.

The main presentation of the event, conducted by Imam Amir Abdel Malik Ali, featured key aspects of the faith that were insightful and easy to comprehend. Some of the important segments of the talk covered basics such as: “What is Islam?”, “Who is God?”, and the “5 Pillars of Islam”.

During the Q & A session, attributes of God within Islam were highlighted, as well as similarities and differences between Islam and other faiths.

ICNA SF Bay Area is grateful to Evergreen Islamic Center for enabling use of their facility for this program. It was an honor and pleasure to have San Jose city council members, Magdalena Carrasco (District 5), and Sylvia Arenas (District 8), in attendance to address the audience at the event and share their support.

Thank you to all our dedicated Why Islam volunteers for your hard work and dedication, and to all of our attendees, for taking part in an enlightlening afternoon of knowledge and discussion.