ICNA Bay Area wishes you all a blessed Ramadan and pray that may Allah SWT bestow His mercy and forgiveness on all of us this month inshaAllah. May this Ramadan increase us all in emaan and taqwa, and may we increase in righteous actions and do good deeds sincerely for Allah’s pleasure – Aameen

ICNA In Ramadan


A seminar by Dr. Shahid Rafiq, VP of Tarbiyah for ICNA National, speaks about how to gain Taqwa in Ramadan.

Corona Relief Fund

Relief Fund for the people who negatively impacted with Corona Virus Lockdown

Islamic Estate Planning

An online seminar with Br. Yasir Ali about how to prepare for your family after death.

Ramadan: The Fasting Month

WhyIslam team will host its second open house online that discusses the spiritual value of Ramadan in the life of a Muslim.

Ramadan in the lockdown

Online Halaqa

Join an online halaqa or create your own with your friends to read Quran or study an islamic book.

Taraweeh with your Household

The Prophet (PBUH) said: make a part of your prayers at home. It’s a good time to gather the whole family praying Taraweeh and making Duaa together.

Daily Charity in Different Causes

The Prophet (PBUH) in Ramadan would be more generous than a nourishing wind. Make it a habit to give a charity everyday for a different cause. ICNA Bay Area has multiple causes to support (Donate).

Extra Quran Recitation

By saving the commute time and social gathering, we have some extra time. Let’s use this time to increase our reading of the Quran this year.

Phone Calls to Relative

Calling your relatives in this hard time is a good opportunity to strengthen the tie of kinship.

Read Quran Tafseer

This year is a good opportunity to add Tafseer to your daily Ramadan virtus.